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Announcement about what we will do for CFD buyers

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So far, after making our best attempts, KuCoin team is still not able to have an effective communication with CFD team and comprehend their updates. To ensure users’ interests and minimize the loss in CFD asset investment, KuCoin provides users an emergency solution – Till the shutting down of CFD trade (20:25, Nov 20th, 2017 UTC+8), for all the KuCoin users who had made CFD trades, their purchase net value equals to CFD total value minus sell total value. To help users overcome this difficulty, KuCoin is going to trade users’ purchase net value at the rate of 0.0000038 BTC (approximately $0.03)/CFD and directly deposit into users’ accounts. After this, users’ current CFD holdings will not change and can be withdrawn any time. This emergency fund will be deposited into eligible users’ accounts before 24:00, Nov 30th, 2017 (UTC+8). Protecting users’ interest is KuCoin’s mission and responsibility. We’ll do everything we can to hold this responsibility for a considerably long time.

After moving into business, KuCoin has been faced with numerous of setbacks and challenges. However, user interests will always come first in our solutions, now and ever. Unlike some other exchange platforms, we put our responsibility higher than profit, and this made us a ‘non-profit organization’, for now. So, if you believe in us, please do share KuCoin’s advantages with friends. Last but not least, we have to remind everyone once again that investing cryptocurrency is EXTREMELY RISKY, please play safe.