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🎁 BCH Trading Pairs Open On KuCoin With Big Promotions

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KuCoin is proud to announce that the Bitcoin Cash Market will be added to the People’s Exchange enabling users to trade using BCH pairs.

The community has expressed the desire to be able to trade with more flexibility. Kucoin’s primary objective is to provide a diverse trading platform to all users. The new BCH trading pairs will begin trading January 17 2018 22.00 UTC+8 all KuCoin traders will have access to the following trading pairs:


We hope this announcement comes as good news to the community. If you have any questions or suggestions we want to hear from you, please join our telegram chat:

Annual Big BCH Trading pairs Competition

In order to celebrate the BCH trading pairs added on KuCoin, we are proud to introduce the following selected trading pairs big trading competitions.

Activity time: 2018/01/17 22:00 – 2018/01/22 23:59 (UTC+8)

Trading Rewards During The Promotion

Competition No.1

Trade BCH trading pairs win relevant tokens

We will rank traders from 1 to 100 in terms of the total selected four BCH trading pairs volume traded on your account (includes both buys & sells) during the competition period.

Rank users ACT Reward Per User XAS Reward Per User UTK Reward Per User DENT Reward Per User
#1 1 10,400 5,200 2,600 31,200
#2 1 6,500 3,250 1,625 19,500
#3 1 5,200 2,600 1,300 15,600
#4 1 3,900 1,950 975 11,700
#5 1 2,600 1,300 650 7,800
#6~10 5 2,080 1,040 520 6,240
#11~25 15 1,560 780 390 4,680
#26~50 25 1,040 520 260 3,120
#51~100 50 832 416 208 2,496
Total 100 130,000 65,000 32,500 390,000

Competition No.2

Lucky Ranking: Win Total 150,000 Tokens

In descending order of the selected four BCH trading pairs, after calculating the top 100 traders, special rewards will be given to lucky winners with ranking rewards that include the digit “8”, for example, 108,118,180,181,182 … 798, etc

The final lucky winner promotion reward will be in proportion to the total bonus pool (Token balance).

Competition No.3

Special Bonus For KCS Holders: Trading Selected BCH Trading Pairs and WIN a total of 190,000 Tokens

The reward is proportional to the total bonus pool.

The rewards are based on the amount of KCS holding during the activities, the greater the amount of KCS a particular user holds, the more awards they will receive.

Rewards will be equally divided between all users holding KCS and in proportion to the total amount of KCS each user holds and total volume of selected four BCH trading pairs traded.

Competition No.4

Retweet Our Announcement: 3 BTC Giveaway

Follow KuCoin official Twitter and retweet this promotion tweet, then fill in the form, you will get a random BTC rewards, we will giveaway a total of 3 BTC.

KuCoin official Twitter:

Twitter’s Promotion link:


KuCoin reserves the right of final interpretation of the competition.

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team

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