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Canya Is Getting Listed On KuCoin With A Special Listing Promotion 80,000 CAN Giveaway

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KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. On January 08 2018 CanYaCoin (CAN) token will join our list of tradable tokens.

KuCoin traders will have access to CAN/BTC and CAN/ETH trading pairs upon listing.

Users can start trading CanYaCoin on KuCoin January 08, 2018 at 20:00 (UTC +8).


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CanYa Deposit Promotion

Deposit CAN tokens on KuCoin and receive the following ETH rewards. You can deposit your tokens starting immediately, the promotion is valid until January 12 23:59 UTC+8.,

Rank Number of Users ETH Reward Per User
1 1 12
2 1 8
3 1 4
4 1 2
5 1 1
6-10 5 1
11-20 10 1
21-50 30 0.640
51-100 50 0.320
Total 100 31.280

*KuCoin and CanYa will be giving away a total of 31.280 ETH as rewards for this deposit promotion.

CanYa Trading Promotion

The top traders on KuCoin will be eligible to win the following rewards based on the total volume traded. This promotion starts January 08, 2018 at 20:00 (UTC +8) and will run until January 12 23:59 UTC+8

Trading Rank #Users Total CAN Tokens Reward
#1 1 32,000
#2 1 16,000
#3 1 8,000
#4 1 4,000
#5 1 2,400
#6-10 5 4,800
#11-50 40 12,800
Total 50 80,000

*CanYa and KuCoin will be giving away a total of 80,000 CAN tokens during this promotion.

Information About CanYaCoin

CanYa aims to become the top global P2P marketplace of services powered by Blockchain.

CanYa gives everybody the freedom to hire local experts and skilled professionals anywhere in the world.

The CanYa ecosystem is powered by CanYaCoins. Using this token, you will be able to pay for services, access premium app features and get rewards.

CanYa platform will integrate a single, trustless and automated payment system allowing payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and Monero.

Furthermore, you will be able to add your credit card to pay for services or withdraw straight to your bank account.

Users will experience the power of cryptocurrencies in their daily work life.

Decentralised payments, decentralized governance, decentralized storage . CanYa is built for a decentralised future.

Read more about the project here:


Thank you for your support,

The KuCoin Team.