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Warning About Phishing Websites

Dear KuCoin Users,

We recently found out that hackers have been using phishing websites to steal KuCoin users’ sign-in credentials. To avoid these websites, we strongly recommend that you do the following:

  • Be extremely cautious when clicking unknown links (Examples: links shared on social networking sites, Telegram groups and search engines) with domain names similar to KuCoin’s official website (e.g.,
  • Always use KuCoin’s official website ( to sign in and trade.
  • Add KuCoin’s official website to your browser’s bookmarks to reduce your chances of encountering phishing sites.
  • Clear your browser’s cookies, and reset your KuCoin sign-in password if you have clicked suspicious links.
  • Please set up your safe-word for anti-phishing websites, if you haven’t already done so.  Always check that your safe-word appears before you complete the login process.

KuCoin’s official emails come from the domain, and please pay special attention to phishing emails from suspicious domains (e.g., Watch out for misspellings and the smallest alterations (e.g., Hover your mouse over any links in the body of the email, if the link address doesn’t look like an official site address or is different to the text description, don’t click on it. read more

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Withdraw Guide

Withdrawal did not receive

please check the withdraw status from your kucoin account , if it’s “succeeded”, it means that we have dealt with your withdrawal and the coins have arrived blockchain, you need to check the confirmed in blockchain and wait for confirmations.If the confirmations is sufficient, please contact the receiving platform.

If there is no blockchain information,please contact our customer service and provide the following info:

  • The recipient address and txid(thash).
  • The type and amount of coins.
  • Your email address on kucoin.
  • read more

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    Trade Guide

    How to trade

    please log in your kucoin account, click on” Markets”,there is a search box on the top right, you can type in the coin you want to trade.

    For example:you want to buy kcs with btc, the volume=kcs price * kcs amount.

    Active orders & Dealt orders

    Active order = An order you have placed that has not been completed yet;

    Dealt orders = Orders that have been succeeded already.

    So you can cancel your pending orders below the“Assets-Active orders”, and review your successful orders below the “Assets-dealt orders” read more

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    Deposit to wrong address

    Please check if their wallet address are the same, if they have the same address, you have to click on the correct coin’s wallet address below the “Assets-deposit”,your coins will arrive your account after you click on the correct address.

    If their address are totally different, we can do nothing to recover it. For example: BTC has only one wallet address, if you send BTC to the BCH wallet address and the transaction went through, it’s gone forever.We can’t find it back from blockchain, please be careful for your deposit. read more

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    Deposit did not arrive

    Please confirm the recipient address is belongs to our exchange, and it has been confirmed in the blockchain.If in the blockchain is confirmed, please check your account in 2 hours.If still haven’t received your coins, please contact our customer service and provide the following info:

    1. The recipient address and txid(thash).
    2. The type and amount of coins.
    3. Your email address on kucoin.

    BTC:The deposit transaction will be automatic, and the Bitcoin transfer will need to be confirmed by the entire Bitcoin network, and your Bitcoin will be automatically deposited to your account after 6 confirmation. read more

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    Deposit Guide

    How to deposit

    First, please get your coin’s wallet address below the “Assets-deposit”from our site.

    Second, copy the address of the coins to the exchange which you want to withdraw from.

    *Please note that each coin has its own address, such as BTC and BCH, ETC and ETH, they have different addresses, please be careful.

    Deposit Fee

    We have no limit on withdrawal and deposit. We have no fee for deposit. And our withdrawal fee is the lowest on all exchange, because it is a fixed fee regardless of the amount you withdraw. read more

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    Reset login password

    we upgraded the encryption algorithm to enhance security, it may cause the login password to expire for a small number of users, please click on “forget password”to reset your password, your password must be at least 8 characters long, include a number, an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter.

    Can’t receive reset password email:

    1. It’s possible that your network is delay, I suggest you check your mailbox later.The activating email is valid for 12 hours.
    2. Please try it a few times and check if the email is in the junk mail box.Please clear your email cache.
    3. Try to add our address to your mailbox whitelist.

    How to add whitelist to google mailbox?

    If you aren’t using google email, please search the web for tutorials. read more

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    Sign up Guide

    How to sign up kucoin

    please use your email address to sign up ,if you have an invitation code, you can input the code when you are registering. If you find that there is no input box to enter the invitation code, please change another browser and enter to sign up. Of course, you can also use the invitation link to register, please make sure that you don’t switch the page when you are registering, otherwise the invitation will be invalid.

    Can’t receive active email: read more

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    Google 2FA Guide

    How to enable Google 2FA

    First, you need to log in your kucoin account, click on “Settings-Google 2-step”to get the QRcode or the key.

    Second, please download the app “authenticator” on your phone.

    Third, Open Google Authenticator from your phone to scan the QRcode or input your email address and the key which appears on our website.

    Login, trading and withdrawal have to enter the verification code, please don’t delete the Google Authenticator from your phone. Furthermore, please save the key so that you can bind the google 2fa by yourself when your phone has a problem. read more

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