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KuCoin Christmas Carnival! KuCoin lists ACT and awards $200000 Deposit Bonus!

KuCoin lists AChain (ACT) on December 19th, the markets will include ACT/BTC and ACT/ETH.

Users can start depositing ACT immediately and start trading at 00:00 UTC+8, December 19.

ACT and KuCoin will be giving out $200000 worth of bonuses to users!

Promotion No.1: Deposit BTC/ETH and get ACT

Timeframe: Dec 19th, 2017 AM 00:00 to Dec 22nd, 2017 PM 11:59 (UTC+8)

KuCoin Deposit Carnival Promotion:

During this period, users will automatically get the following benefits  based on the net deposit amount of BTC or ETH: read more

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DENT listing 18. December 2017: 10 Million DENT Tokens Will Be Given As A Prize To The Top DENT Traders On KuCoin

KuCoin is proud to announce the listing of DENT on KuCoin Exchange starting Monday, 18. December 2017. To celebrate this, we will be offering 10 Million DENT as prizes for the top traders.

After listing of DENT on Monday 18 December, the following rewards will be available for DENT traders.

KuCoin will list Dent (DENT) on Monday, December 18. The trading markets will include DENT/BTC and DENT/ETH. Users can start depositing and trading DENT on Monday December 18 20.00 UTC+8

Traders will enjoy 50% discount on all trading DENT fees for the first 48 hours right after listing. read more

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Annoucement regarding the Ethereum Fork and permanent support for all forked tokens

At around the block height of 4,730,660 Ethereum blockchain has been forked, producing a new chain with the name “Ethereum Fog”, with the token ticker code “ETF”. KuCoin has automatically taken a snapshot of all user ETH holdings and will issue ETF in a 1:1 ratio within 24 hours.

In the interest of maximizing user benefit, KuCoin will permanent support all types of forked tokens. After the fork is successful, we will automatically issue the forked tokens to our users. Forked tokens will be issued within 24 hours with no necessary action from users. Once the forked wallets are stable, we will open them for withdrawal and determine at a later time whether to open the relevant trading pairs dependent on the specific circumstances regarding the forked tokens. read more

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The KuCoin carnival is about to begin!

KuCoin team previously initiated communication with the AChain and Qlink communities separately and have managed to reach a strategic partnership at present. As we draw closer to the launch of ACT & the world premiere of QLC, KuCoin in conjunction with AChain & Qlink communities will contribute over a million dollars to initiate promotional activities. We hope you look forward to it! Moreover, KuCoin is also in contact with premium blockchain projects such as DeepBrain Chain, TheKey, ETHLend, etc. Lastly, KuCoin exchange will also provide customers with better product experience and more aggressive marketing activities, as well as our KuCoin community plan! read more

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Trading Fee Discount Function is Activated

The Trading Fee Discount Function is now activated. Users who hold KCS on KuCoin are able to take advantage of this function to get a certain discount on their trading fees.

Here are the details:

  • Only users who hold KCS on KuCoin can take advantage of the Trading Fee Discount.
  • Every day at 00:00 (UTC+8), the system takes a snapshot of users’ KCS holdings. The snapshot of KCS holdings decides the discount rate of each user for that day. Please be aware that it could take up to an hour for the new discount rate to take effect, but the discount rate should be updated before 01:00 (UTC+8) and lasts until the next snapshot is taken.
  • For every user holding at least 1000 KCS, this will result in a 1% discount on trading fees. The maximum discount rate shouldn’t exceed 30%. Therefore, holding 10,000 KCS results in a 10% discount, holding 30,000 KCS results in the maximum discount rate of 30%.
  • Users can check out their Trading Fee Discount on the trading page:
  • read more

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