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DeepBrain Chain Will Be Listed On KuCoin: Trading Starts On December 28

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KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. On December 28, 2017 DeepBrain Chain (DBC) token will join our list of tradable tokens.

KuCoin traders will have access to DBC/NEO and DBC/ETH trading pairs upon listing.

Users can start trading DBC on KuCoin December 28, 2017 at 21:00 (UTC +8).

DeepBrain Chain Listing Promotion:

All users will have access to the following listing promotion, there’s over 200,000 USD in giveaways available:

About DeepBrain Chain:

DeepBrain Chain is introducing the world’s first computing program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven by blockchain technology. The DeepBrain Chain Coin (DBC) is a tradable token that will provide a low-cost, private, flexible, secure, and decentralized AI computing platform for AI products.

DeepBrain Chain creates a decentralized neural network made up of innumerable mining nodes across the globe. These nodes will supply computational power for AI use in countless applications. Mining nodes are compensated by receiving DBC. It is a secure trading platform that will allow the safe exchange of data between owners and users while protecting their rights.

DeepBrain Chain provides low-cost computing power while eliminating idle time across enterprises while protecting users with smart contracts ensuring data is safe. Computing power is kept flexible and idle time is minimized. Since there are so many nodes even if some are attacked the remaining nodes will still work and data leakage is forbidden.

The top scientists at DeepBrain Chain have been recognized for their excellence in the community with numerous awards the most recent one being SMP2017 at the Chinese man machine dialogue evaluation.

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