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KuCoin Institutional Investor Program

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Dear KuCoin users,

To encourage the institutional investors on KuCoin to participate more actively in trading activities, we are pleased to announce a new program, the Institutional Investor Program. Institutional Investors are those that participate in quantitative trading, high-frequency trading, etc. All institutions that qualify will receive significant trading fee discounts.

To qualify, applicants need to complete the form for the KuCoin Institutional Investor Program and complete the KYC verification process.( If you like to apply the investor program as an individual user, please go through the individual KYC process at your account.)

KuCoin will send feedback and results to applicants via email within five working days. All qualified institutional investors will enjoy trading fee discounts of 20% to 80%, for at least 30 days. The discounts can fluctuate up or down, based on the investor’s actual trading volume over the past 30 days.

More details regarding the qualification process are in the application form.


Thanks for your support!

KuCoin Team