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KuCoin Launches New Video Campaign And Prepares For Another Year Of Growth

Many things have changed at KuCoin in the past few months. We have been working hard to ensure KuCoin keeps growing, while remaining compliant with our duty to bring KuCoin users access to the most promising crypto projects in the industry.

We have deployed a new ranking and listings procedure to enforce this. We will continue doing our due diligence, and polishing our quality checks to constantly increase the value offered to traders and investors.

We also understand the importance of marketing and brand awareness. We want the world to know about KuCoin; and we are constantly developing new marketing and advertising campaigns to bring awareness to our platform.

We would like to share our latest promotional video with you. We will be running an internet-wide campaign with it and would like to show you, our loyal supporter, before anyone else…

New Video Promotion Campaign for KuCoin

We want all of our supporters to understand KuCoin’s team is hard at work improving the exchange platform, project quality checks and marketing efforts, to ensure all our long-term supporters and users get what they want: A responsible, transparent and always growing cryptocurrency exchange that cares about its users and community.


Remember you can always reach us and follow all of our updates in the following channels:

Thank you for your support.

The KuCoin Team