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KuCoin Now Supports Multiple Languages for Our Global Communities

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

Dear KuCoin Users


Our aim is to provide all users with better quality service. To achieve this, KuCoin now offers six different languages for our Global Communities.

Follow or Join our Communities for your preferred language by clicking the links below.


🇺🇸English Community

Telegram: /Kucoin_Exchange

Twitter: /kucoincom

Facebook: /KuCoinOfficial

Reddit: /r/kucoin/

Medium: /kucoinexchange


🇮🇹Italian Community

Telegram: /KuCoin_Exchange_Italy

Twitter: /KuCoinItaly

Facebook: /KuCoinExchangeItaly/

Reddit: /r/kucoinitaly/


🇨🇳Chinese Community

Telegram: /KuCoin_Exchange_CN


🇻🇳Vietnamese Community

Telegram: /KuCoin_Exchange_Vietnam

Twitter: /KucoinV

Facebook: /KuCoinExchangeVietnam

Reddit:  /r/kucoinvietnam


🇹🇷Turkish Community

Telegram: /kucointurkiye

Twitter: /KucoinT

Facebook: /KuCoinEXchangeTurkey

Reddit: /r/kucointurkey


🇪🇸Spanish Community

Telegram: /KucoinSpanish

Twitter: /KucoinSpain

Facebook: /KuCoinExchangeSpain

Reddit: /r/kucoinspain


🇷🇺Russian Community

Telegram: /KuCoin_Exchange_Russia

Twitter: /KuCoinR

Facebook: /KuCoinExchangeRussia

Reddit: /r/kucoinrussia

VK: /KuCoin_Russia


KuCoin will be adding more languages for our global communities in the future.


Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team