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Kucoin will list Asch (XAS) on 2nd, November.

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Kucoin will list Asch (XAS) on 2nd, November. The upcoming markets includes XAS/BTC and XAS/ETH. Users can start depositing XAS to Kucoin at 12:00, 31st, October (UTC+8), and trading at 20:00, 2nd, November (UTC+8). XAS markets will charge 0 fee for a month as a promotion.

About Asch:

The original design purpose of Asch is to reduce the skill threshold for the developers.For example,it makes DAPP development and traditional web applications become rather similar by adopting JavaScript as an application development language and supporting RDB (Relational Database) to store the transaction data,

These characteristics must be extremely attractive to developers and SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). We believe the prosperousness of the ecosystem of the whole platform is highly dependent on the developers’ productivity. Asch is an open platform that is not limited to specific areas— such as finance, document storage, copyright proof—but also providing a series of underlying and abstract APIs. These APIs can be combined flexibly to implement different types of applications. In terms of consensus mechanism, Asch system inherits and enhances DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm to significantly reduce the probability of forking in blockchain and the risk of duplicate payments.

Most importantly, Asch’s sidechain-as-a-application (SaaA) mode alleviates the blockchain inflation issue, as well as makes dApp more adjustable and individualized. Asch is a prospective, low-cost, one-stop solution that will become the incubator of next generation decentralized application. The token of Asch is XAS, and the initial amount of XAS is 100 million. Please browse Asch official website for details: