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KuCoin Will Start EOS MainNet Token Swap Soon

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Dear KuCoin Users:

As KuCoin has completed the swap registration of the EOS MainNet Wallet, we will fully support the release and upgrading of the EOS MainNet and perform the automatic and secure asset transfer for users.

To support the release of the EOS MainNet and ensure the proceeding of the swap, we will close the EOS deposit and withdrawal services temporarily at 18:00:00, May 31st, 2018 (UTC+8).

We strongly suggest you to deposit your EOS to KuCoin as soon as possible. We will swap for users automatically based on the official time released by EOS to avoid the asset loss risk to the greatest extent.

After upgrading, your EOS assets will be securely swapped and converted to the EOS MainNet. You can withdraw EOS after the release of the EOS MainNet.

Thanks for your support!

KuCoin Team