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KuCoin’s Anniversary Celebration

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Dear KuCoin Users,


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I am pleased to announce our first anniversary.  Looking back at the past year, my future vision of the crypto-world gradually shaped from a fuzzy image into a much clearer blueprint through the fast and intensive development of our platform. With my desire to have KuCoin bridge the gap from the “now” to our blockchain-based future, it is you that have helped us continuously reach greater heights.  For this reason, I am subsequently grateful that we have all of you here on our exchange.  It is because of all of our users, from past to present, that we can share this joyous occasion and to continue to grow KuCoin together and make “The People’s Exchange” stronger than ever.

So, I would like to invite you all to join our Anniversary Celebration, as we celebrate KuCoin’s first birthday.

During our event, from September 15th to October 1st, we will have six different giveaways and competitions.  These include our BTC Price Guess Quiz and Decred (DCR) trading fee discount (which we just listed on September 12) both starting on September 15th.  A Tron (TRX) trading competition on September 18, and three more contests from projects we have not yet listed. The newly listed projects will be BUMO (BU) on September 17, EdenChain (EDN) on September 19, and Crypterium (CRPT) on September 24.

Please check our official website daily to keep up with the newly released activities. Once again, I appreciate you making us “The People’s Exchange,” and hope you all enjoy our Anniversary Celebration.  I am looking forward to our fantastic future together.



Michael Gan