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KuCoins Future Vision By Michael Gan

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Dear KuCoin Users, I would like to share my vision with you for the future of KuCoin.

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KuCoin has been growing astonishingly in these past eight months, and since then we have been extremely busy keeping up to ensure continuous development and ultimately guarantee customer satisfaction.

With this in mind, I have come to an epiphany that progress cannot be achieved without knowing where to go. Since you, our dear users, are the very reason behind KuCoin’s continual success, then you should be at the very forefront of our journey, every step of the way.

We at KuCoin want to create a transparent relationship with our users and partner projects, and so, to kick-off my first article, I want to share with you the future roadmap of KuCoin and how these steps would make this trading platform a vital piece in my vision of a blockchain-based future.

I’m a true believer in technology, the freedom it can bring to people and the infinite ways it can better the human condition. During my early days as a bitcoin miner, I have witnessed and understood the enormous potential of decentralized systems that the blockchain has made possible. Since then, I have seen the blockchain technology as the key to transcend the current technological and human limitations that hinder us from making further progress.

I Want to Show You the Huge Potential of the Blockchain Protocol

Decentralization and absolute transparency—these things have never been possible until the creation of the blockchain protocol. Most problems we face nowadays are because of complications caused by centralization and trust-reliant systems. However, with the dawn of blockchain protocol being integrated to almost all kinds of technology imaginable, we can once again give back power to where it always belonged—the people. User controlled networks are the future of human empowerment and the evolution of data and society. The end of centralization is within our reach if we choose to take it and make it a reality.

The blockchain is the first ever implementation of our rights to take full proprietorship over our data, money, and identity. The times of centralized shadow organizations controlling society are now over. We the people will become direct participants in shaping our future, bringing about the abolishment of a trust-reliant system, and distrust will become virtually nonexistent.

The absolute democratization of the system welcomes a transformed distribution of wealth wherein not just the rich and powerful can participate. Math, being blockchain’s absolute law, ensures no bias is distributing an economy of value, and that each and every service, goods or property will be justly and objectively given its appropriate worth. This leaves no room for needless politics to tip the scales. Every person has absolute power over themselves.

How I See the Future, A Blockchain-based Future:

One day, everything will run on the blockchain. Banks, booking engines, and payment methods are just the beginning of a revolution that is bound to shape the future of humanity. We see new projects emerging every day that aims to eradicate the major problems that the traditional systems could not solve. We see blockchain being integrated into logistics and tracking, advertising platforms, food production and even healthcare. It is only a matter of time before we see supermarkets, transport, schools and even your clothes having blockchain tech embedded into them, making everything more efficient and more secure for everyone.

I am a firm believer of this vision—a vision that an ecosystem can exist where absolute justice is implemented among markets and people alike, where no person or entity is an absolute authority, except the law. This is democracy at its purest, wherein the well-being of everyone is upheld, the law answers to no one, and justice is perfectly blind.

Moreover, with this vision, comes the birth of KuCoin.

We want to grant access to the best of blockchain to all people. We are the people’s exchange, and we want to remain doing our job for our users’ benefit. I see KuCoin being the bridge-builder in this blockchain-based future, making it easier and more convenient for users to exchange their coins according to their needs. We unify the whole blockchain ecosystem by granting users access to various blockchain projects in our trading platform, while at the same time ensuring their safety by carefully vetting our partner projects through comprehensive research.

Now that this vision is close to its fruition because of your immense support, we are extending our hand to have you onboard for our next frontier.

From Our Minds to Your Fingertips: KuCoin’s Idea, Vision, and Realization

KuCoin was founded on the very principles that the blockchain itself upholds, and I want to extend these values from our platform to our users.

Armed with my vision and experience, I got together with some of my closest and most trusted partners to envision KuCoin, a cryptocurrency platform we hope to use to bring blockchain technology to people from all walks of life.

In my opinion, the advantages of blockchain technology are clear. Mass adoption is the critical factor for the technology to survive and this will occur; the question is when? If most of the people in the world do not get onto the blockchain, the idea will fail. Blockchain is essentially the power of the people, and there is no power if there are no people. People need to believe and trust in the technology; that is when the mass adoption will be achieved. Once this mass adoption has occurred, I can assure you that KuCoin and myself will be there for the People.

KuCoin was conceived as a platform to aid mass adoption of blockchain technology.

  • Being an exchange and trading platform, we make the top projects in the industry a click away from people. With our research team and the help of the community’s feedback, we can find the most valuable and undiscovered gems in the industry. We ensure the safety of our users from scams and frauds while at the same time aiding the trading volume of deserving and promising projects that will make the blockchain-based future prosper.
  • We also want to bring blockchain to the common folk, which is why we’ve created an easy, user-friendly interface so that anyone in the world can use KuCoin as a platform, introducing them to the world of blockchain. In addition to this we have and will be creating ‘localized markets’; where everyone will be able to use our platform no matter what language they speak.
  • KuCoin wishes to bring the limelight on deserving projects that are dedicated in their tech, continually developing their product and establishing real-world partnerships with key players in the industry they are looking to disrupt. We will create bridges for them to help them reach their full potential and benefit their users.
  • KuCoin aims to continually maintain an exchange ecosystem where all users benefit—early access to the best projects in the industry, the best promotions and trading incentives in the sphere, and a long-term business partnership with all the top crypto projects. We don’t only want to list only the best, but we also want to find and support those projects that show the greatest potential and bring them to the masses.
  • Education is key to long-term success, which is why KuCoin is investing heavily in education. We want to invest in our future by ensuring we have constant access to a skilled workforce and competent research. This enables us to bring users firsthand, reliable information on blockchain tech, news, and innovations.

The Key to this Vision? —YOU

Above all that was mentioned, we want KuCoin to remain engraved in users’ minds as the People’s Exchange; the platform that all users can approach and let their opinions be heard and make a difference.

This is why I want to share this vision with you—because you are the very key to its realization. We want to uphold decentralization and transparency to its fullest, and so we bring it to you. In the upcoming weeks, we are inviting you to a front-row seat. We will bring you our plans for KuCoin’s future, the roadmap of our development and our vision for future endeavors.

Blockchain is here to stay and so is KuCoin. We are the People’s Exchange, and we are of, for and by the people. We are ready to serve you better. We are ready to listen.



Michael Gan