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MHC trading and deposits re-open again

Dear KuCoin Users


The forced stop in trading appeared due to some unexpected incorrect functioning of withdrawing mechanism of MHC to KuCoin accounts on KuCoin platform. Once in 24 hours a state block appears in MetaHash blockchain for additional verification and data-archiving purposes and it needs additional attention on the receiving side working with full blockchain and parsing the blocks. Though the blockchain is intact, it has led to some accounts doubling the balances in KuCoin exchange wallets.

The problem was located and fixed.
All the duplicated coins in exchange balances were cleared out. The trades that have been filled won’t be reverted and user’s MHC balances will be adjusted so that there are not incurred losses.

KuCoin and MetaHash have set up a combined team to ensure flawless operation in the future. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. KuCoin was the first exchange to fully support the MetaHash blockchain, running a full MetaHash node downloading all the blocks and working with the full downloaded blockchain data, which is always a technical challenge.

The investigation of the incident is now closed and everything is fully functional.


Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team