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New Year’s Greeting from Michael Gan

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

Dear KuCoin Users,

As we bring in the New Year, we say goodbye to 2018, which was regarded as a bad year for many cryptocurrency holders.  This is because of the “cold winter” throughout the entire industry. However, I want to say, ‘when the Winter comes, can the Spring be very far behind?’

It was the right time for our team to calm down and cultivate advanced products and technologies. We have achieved many gratifying achievements in 2018 with such a steady state of mind, which gave us the confidence and expectations to break through the darkness and shine out with great brilliancy in the near future.

Globalization was the main theme throughout the year. In addition to our English and Chinese communities, we have gradually started to provide services for users from the Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Spanish and Italian speaking countries. In Australia and Europe, we have found close partners who have laid a solid foundation for our future localization of operations.

Selecting the best-quality blockchain projects was another focus. Thanks to our project research team, KuCoin has currently listed about 180 currencies and 400 trading pairs. At the same time, through the ‘KuCoin Global Titan Ambassador Program,’ we have been able to work with industry experts to reach out to more “hidden gems”.

As “the People’s Exchange,” we cherish the experience of every user. Thanks to the fast-growing customer service team, we are now able to provide 24/7, multi-language support. There were some complaints about the cumbersome transaction experience. Therefore, in November, we launched a credit card service – meaning users can easily buy crypto with their Visa or Mastercard credit card now.

All of the above efforts are ultimately reflected in the numbers. By the end of 2018, KuCoin had generated more than five million registered users, and the unique monthly visits ranked among the top five in the industry. In this year, we completed our Round A funding of $20 million and also welcomed new partners on our road to growth – IDG Capital, Matrix Partners, and Neo Global Capital. The favor of capital will not slow us down but will help further determine the future of the blockchain industry that I have always believed in.

For all great achievements made during the past year, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to KuCoin’s partners, all the users who continue to support KuCoin, and the employees who have worked around the clock for KuCoin. It is you that helped KuCoin to overcome all obstacles along the way.

I know that 2019 will be a year full of challenges, and we are right here, standing on the threshold of hope.

In late January, we will be welcoming the official launch of KuCoin 2.0 – a dynamic, secure and malleable trading platform, including a number of new services such as: brand new APIs and new trading orders like stop loss, FOK, IOC and GTT, etc., which are the top concerns of our users. Please keep an eye on our official announcements. (More details about KuCoin 2.0)

In the second quarter of this year, we will bring out a new cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform: KuMEX. Led by the KuCoin technical team, with the most advanced API technology, KuMex is aiming to provide a variety of innovative financial products to help users effectively avoid trading risks.

Beyond that, I want to introduce a new trading platform that provides investment channels for large-value trading users: GUMO. GUMO is the sister company of KuCoin and jointly invested in by Moneyworld Asia, NGC, and KuCoin. If you are interested, feel free to click the link to join.

Now that the New Year’s bell has sounded, in 2019, KuCoin will stay true to our mission. We will fight tooth and nail to create more abundant user values and pursue our vision to be “the People’s Exchange,” preparing the way for the future of blockchain industry’s dominance. We always believe that our loyalty will stand the test of time, which will let us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t be afraid of the long road ahead, but look forward to the bright future.

Happy New Year!


Michael Gan