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Official Announcement About Ethereum Network, Withdrawals and Deposits

In an industry that is growing like the Crypto industry it is expected there will be some growing pains. Today there is a storm surrounding the issues with the Ethereum network. The technical team at Kucoin is working tirelessly to resolve the outstanding issues surrounding Ethereum withdrawals and deposits. We had previously scheduled new coin releases today and they will be postponed until network stability is restored. We understand there are many people that are upset by all the issues happening with delayed deposits and withdrawals. It is our goal to find a solution and that is what we are working towards.


The trading volumes are increasing faster than anyone could have anticipated. More and more people are seeing the opportunities of blockchain technology. Growth is speeding up in all sectors of the Cryptoworld and Kucoin is right at the front helping to blaze the trail.


We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the more than half a million users who have already signed up for Kucoin, the 2nd fastest growing exchange in the world, and the world’s youngest Unicorn company. We would not be here without our people. You are what makes us the People’s Exchange.


Please know that we are prepared to weather this storm and be your rock. We encourage you to contact support with any issues you need resolved. The more feedback we receive the better we can get. Kucoin is just one of many exchanges facing challenges with ETH right now.We understand that with these unprecedented growth rates issues are unavoidable. How we deal with them will be what sets us apart. Look to Kucoin to be your rock in this Crypto storm.


Thank you for using Kucoin.


For questions or concerns regarding your account please feel free to contact [email protected]

You can also reach out in our telegram group: