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Announcement about what we will do for CFD buyers

So far, after making our best attempts, KuCoin team is still not able to have an effective communication with CFD team and comprehend their updates. To ensure users’ interests and minimize the loss in CFD asset investment, KuCoin provides users an emergency solution – Till the shutting down of CFD trade (20:25, Nov 20th, 2017 UTC+8), for all the KuCoin users who had made CFD trades, their purchase net value equals to CFD total value minus sell total value. To help users overcome this difficulty, KuCoin is going to trade users’ purchase net value at the rate of 0.0000038 BTC (approximately $0.03)/CFD and directly deposit into users’ accounts. After this, users’ current CFD holdings will not change and can be withdrawn any time. This emergency fund will be deposited into eligible users’ accounts before 24:00, Nov 30th, 2017 (UTC+8). Protecting users’ interest is KuCoin’s mission and responsibility. We’ll do everything we can to hold this responsibility for a considerably long time. read more

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Change Log, 23th, November

Major changes:

  1. Published beta version apps for iOS and Android
  2. Added voting pool for new coins
  3. Implemented new UI for website
  4. Updated Markets list, added “Favorite” and “Pin” features

Minor changes:

  1. Optimized the algorithm of distributing KuCoin Bonus
  2. Users can sort the “Assets” page by fiat
  3. Added 24H volume of the exchange on the bottom of the website
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We have suspended the deposit and withdrawal of USDT

Due to the official announcement of Tether, the USDT wallet has to be upgraded and we have suspended the deposit and withdrawal of USDT. We will make another announcement once the wallet has been upgraded, thanks for supporting KuCoin.

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Announcement regarding CFD developments

The CFD team issued a notice on 20 November 2017 morning Beijing time (UTF+8), claiming there was some legal complications with its contracts. Development was to be stopped indefinitely which caused a sharp drop in CFD token price. In the evening of 20 November 2017, CFD shut down its official website and social media accounts. In order to protect the interests of investors, Kucoin has suspended trading of CFD and are actively seeking contact with the CFD team. We have also started to implement an emergency loss prevention programme to help reduce the losses of CFD token investors. If the Kucoin team is unable to contact the CFD team shortly, and reenable normal trading, the final decision on trading stoppage will be made in a follow-up announcement on the website. As a responsible cryptocurrency exchange, Kucoin promises to do it’s utmost to maximize the profits and security of its customers, but we remind you that investing in cryptocurrencies is extremely risky, please be careful and only participate at your own risk. read more

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We are suspending the trading and deposit of Confido (CFD)

We are suspending the trading and deposit of Confido (CFD) due to the shutdown of Confido official website and Twitter account, users can cancel orders via Assets – Active orders and withdraw CFD via Assets – Withdraw. We are contacting the project team right now and we will make another announcement about the next step.

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KuCoin releases mobile apps preview for iOS and Android

We are happy to announce that we have released our mobile apps preview for both iOS and Android. Please be aware that the apps is still in the beta phase but it’s fully functional, we will adjust the interfaces and functions due to the feedback of the users.

For iOS, please click here to get the instructions and download link.

For Android, please click here or scan the QR code to download the app.

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Instructions about installing KuCoin iOS App

First click here or scan the following QR code to download the app:

Then follow the instructions:

1.When you click the KuCoin app after downloading, a popup would show as below. Don’t worry, let’s do the following to make it work.

2. Click Settings on your iPhone,  then click General. 


3. Click Profiles & Device Management.

4. Click Meridian Medical Network Corp.

5. Click Trust “Meridian Medical Network Corp.” read more

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KuCoin added KCS markets and NEO/USDT pair

KuCoin added KCS markets including some hottest coins and what’s more, we added NEO/USDT! Users can trade in these markets immediately.

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KuCoin adds more NEO pairs

KuCoin adds more NEO pairs to NEO markets, the following pairs are added and users can trade immediately: LTC/NEO, BCH/NEO, CFD/NEO, MOD/NEO, QTUM/NEO and EOS/NEO.

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