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Publica Will Be Listed Today December 7

KuCoin prides itself in finding high quality projects that go beyond the offerings of other exchanges. On December 7 2017 Publica (PBL) token will join our list of tradable tokens.

KuCoin traders will have access to PBL/BTC and PBL/ETH trading pairs upon listing.

Users can start depositing at 19.00 UTC+8 and trading PBL on KuCoin December 7, 2017 at 20:00 (UTC +8).

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About Publica:

Publica is the first innovator trying to bring the blockchain revolution to the publishing industry. They will put all the advantages of ICOs into the hands of authors and book enthusiast everywhere.

Decentralised publishing on the blockchain is a new Gutenberg’s press for the 21st century. Even by becoming de-facto largest publisher, Publica will have zero inventory, while published books will last forever on the blockchain for the world to enjoy.

Publica’s operational protocol layer is built in Solidity and uses Ethereum network computing power.

It enables decentralisation of direct transactions in Publica’s currency between readers and authors in order to purchase access keys for their literary works.

Publica will provide a secondary market were authors get paid directly for their work and people can transfer money directly to their favorite writers in a decentralised and transparent manner.

By being the first platform to offer these new-world solutions to an industry that still relies on distribution methods created since the invention of the printing machine, Publica is putting itself in the perfect position to become one of the most popular platforms for authors and book enthusiasts everywhere.

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