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QLink On KuCoin: Trading Starts On December 29 2017

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KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. On December 29th , 2017 Qlink (QLC) token will join our list of tradable tokens.

KuCoin traders will have access to  QLC/BTC and QLC/ETH as well as QLC/NEO trading pairs upon listing.

Users can start trading QLC on KuCoin December 29th 2017 at 20:00 (UTC +8).

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About Qlink:

Qlink is introducing a decentralized mobile phone network that can repackage mobile data such as 3G/4G, voice packages, and SMS by identifying and digitizing all telecom assets and depositing them into the blockchain. The Qlink Coin (QLC) is a tradable token that will provide the currency to buy and sell the repackaged telecom solutions on a peer to peer basis.  

By using blockchain technology Qlink can deploy smart contracts to transfer the telecom assets and usage rights between users and telecom assets. The system i secure, and each asset and user will have a unique digital identity. Now the digital assets sold by over 2,000 centralized telecom providers can be available to users worldwide on a single platform.

This platform will provide both telecom services and telecom assets in exchange for QLC tokens by executing the smart contracts in the blockchain with users.

The blockchain network core is made up of the Public Chain and the Qlink Chain. The telecom assets will be registered to the Public Chain where they will be assigned a unique ID. Once deposited into the blockchain powered by NEO the information cannot be changed. The Qlink Chain will keep records of all transaction between asset owners and users in a ledger, and will execute the smart contracts.

Users will be able to create custom service packages through the Qlink Gateway.

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