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Trading Fee Discount function is activated

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Trading Fee Discount function is activated, users who hold KCS on Kucoin will take advantage of this function to get a certain discount on their trading fees.

Here is the details:

  1. Only users who hold KCS on Kucoin can take advantage of Trading Fee Discount.
  2. Everyday at 00:00 UTC+8, the system takes snapshot of users’ KCS holdings. And the snapshot of KCS holdings decides the discount rate of each user at that day. Please be aware that it could take up to an hour to take effect the new discount rate, but the discount rate should be updated before 01:00 UTC+8, and lasts until the next round of snapshot taking.
  3. Holding every 1000 KCS results to 1% discount of trading fees, the maximum discount rate shouldn’t exceed 30%. Therefore, holding 10000 KCS results to 10% discount, holding 40000 KCS results to the maximum discount rate which is 30%.
  4. Users can check out their Trading Fee Discount on the trading page:
  5. This is a core function of KCS which is permanent. The ratio of Trading Fee Discount may be readjusted in the future, please keep close attention on our announcements.