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Vote for your coin: KuCoin launches new voting poll and allows users to choose which token we list

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We want to show our commitment to remain as the people’s exchange by giving you, the community, the power to pick which coin we list.

KuCoin is proud to announce we are launching our Vote for your coin feature on our platform.

Starting December 1st, KuCoin users will be able to vote for their favorite coins.

We will hold the first poll starting December 1st until December 14th. Once completed we will list the winner and re-open the poll so you can choose another coin to be listed on KuCoin.

Here’s the list of coins for the first poll December 1-14:

  • Achain (ACT)
  • Altcoin (ALT)
  • Binance Coin(BNB)
  • BosCoin (BOS)
  • ClearPoll (POLL)
  • (CFI)
  • Datacoin (DTC)
  • Dent(DENT)
  • Dovu (DOVU)
  • DubaiCoin (DBIX)
  • Gulden (NLG)
  • Innova (INN)
  • Particl (PART)
  • PayPie (PPP)
  • Siacoin (SC)
  • TrueFlip (TFL)
  • Veritaseum (VERI)
  • Viacoin (VIA)

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Thank you for your support,

The KuCoin Team.