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Withdraw Guide

Withdrawal did not receive

please check the withdraw status from your kucoin account , if it’s “succeeded”, it means that we have dealt with your withdrawal and the coins have arrived blockchain, you need to check the confirmed in blockchain and wait for confirmations.If the confirmations is sufficient, please contact the receiving platform.

If there is no blockchain information,please contact our customer service and provide the following info:

  1. The recipient address and txid(thash).
  2. The type and amount of coins.
  3. Your email address on kucoin.



  1. Please check again if the address you entered is correct, and make sure there is no space before and after the address.
  2. We don’t support you transfer coins to another account of kucoin, please make sure that the recipient address is belongs to other platform or your private wallet.
  3. It’s suggested that you input the integer or 6 decimal places.
  4. Please don’t transfer BTC to ETH wallet address, or transfer ETH to BTC address. If the address is wrong, it will not be recovered.